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There' s our passion there's the desire for the sea , which sailors have in common.

S2B was born in 2002
from the desire to turn one's passion into a job, and from the desire to transfer the management experienced in large companies, into our business. Since then we have been in the nautical world, trying to satisfy the different requests.   

We are Maritime Brokers

We are dedicated to the brokerage of new or used boats, sailing or motor boats .
We are and we have been passionate rowers, cruisers-pleasure-seekers, travelers, lovers of the sea “above and below” the water level.
This is why it is easy for us to identify with your desires, listen to your stories and build
"your dream" with you .

We believe in the importance of creating a relationship based on listening and empathy with our customers.

Relationship that often becomes stable and lasting over the years, sometimes turning into a real friendship and we will always be grateful to you for this, because it is the lifeblood for us.


The job of a maritime broker is knowing how to listen and identify the best solution for your needs. Sale or acquisition? All the boats we offer are the result of meticulous research . Thanks to our experience we are able to carry out a careful analysis to guarantee excellent quality and safety in the choice .

Contact us without obligation, and after an evaluation you can choose how to proceed     

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