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VISMARA 34 IMS racer semi-custom


Cantiere FK Boats - Vismara

Project  Vismara Yacht design

Year of registration 2003

Length hull  mt. 9,98

Width - max beam  mt. 3,17

Draft  mt. 2,20

INFO : Vismara Yacht design gives the pleasure of sailing on unique pieces ... not boats, but DREAMS!

The philosophy that inspired "Asell" was to transfer concepts of hydrodynamics, naval architecture and interior design into a 10-metre boat that the Vismara studio was able to develop on the 40' IMS. He has created a real semi-custom racer that can also be used on a cruise. The internal design and the choice of hi-tech materials have made it possible to create an essential and minimalist layout, with convertible and multipurpose areas thanks, for example, to very light wardrobe doors which, when opened, become doors to the bathroom, but at the same time allow the need to adjust the sails for the entire length.      

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