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We have been supporting boaters since 2002

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Who we are

We are and have been passionate rowers, pleasure-loving cruise passengers, travellers, lovers of the sea "above and below" the water level.
This is why it is easy for us to identify with your wishes, listen to your stories and build "your dream" with you.

We believe in the importance of creating a relationship, based on listening and empathy with our customers.

A relationship that often becomes stable and lasting over the years, sometimes turning into a real friendship and we will always be grateful to you for this because for us it is lifeblood.

Why Choose Us


When selecting between new or used boats, sailing or motor, we are committed tosupport you in every next step. Our mission goes beyond selling: we want to beyour trusted partner in the nautical world


Trust us and relax. From the sale of the boat to the management of every bureaucratic detail,we take care of everything. Our service is modeled on your needs, guaranteeing youa stress-free experience.


Our dedication doesn't end with the purchase or sale of your boat. We are at your side even afterwards, guaranteeing youconstant, quality support.

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A5 stars service

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